Upcoming Brownbag Series


The Brownbag Series is designed for all faculty members/Ph.D. students across all disciplines in NTHU CTM (but also open to other universities/colleges) to gather to present their research ideas/papers, to exchange discussions, and to have feedbacks. Free lunch will be provided. Each colleague/student can present her/his work for about 30 minutes about what s/he is doing or what s/he plans to do, and then I and other participating colleagues will provide our comments and thoughts. This is a good format to let all colleagues/students to know their peers in different departments, to cultivate friendship, to have more exposure to different research topics, and to receive some constructive comments to improve their work. Our plan is to have 1-2 presenters every time, and we will meet twice every month (if the demand is high, we can increase the frequency).  The upcoming schedules are listed below:


The upcoming meetings as follows will take place at Room 902 at TSMC Building

★ Please register here in advance for this brown bag session so we could prepare lunch for you!

DateTBA  Calling for presenters


► We are calling for volunteer presenters throughout this semester (each presentation will be 30-min long). Please send your tentative title (and abstract) to pohsuanhsu@mx.nthu.edu.tw if you would like to present your work on the mentioned dates or any other date in the rest of the semester.

► Since we need to order lunch, we hope that you will let us know when you plan to join as audience, please register or send an email (with dietary restriction if any) 2 days before the brownbag date to: yt.huang@mx.nthu.edu.tw




So far, we have hosted the following Brownbags:

No. Time/ Date Photo Link Presenter / Title
24 Dec. 2, 2021 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HxezMDXTWRYg1lYWMTyFdMbiBGmY0xCN?usp=sharing Lei Zhou (NYCU finance): Hunting For Short-term Bonds via Flexibility: Call Policy From The Perspective of Debt Maturity Decision
Ling-Fan Li (Econ): The Impact of the Great Debasement on English Cloth Exports
23 Oct.28, 2021 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tsHmQ8_DrNOKZ8NMiVHzRAkgQ6GD_sDj?usp=sharing Jaewon Yoo (ISS): "Mobile Payment and In-Store Mobile Purchase Behavior"
Jianqiang Chen (QF): "A Brief Summary of the Recent Development of DID"
22 Aug. 19, 2021 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BOQDUBe-e4s_dkysifSvioQiUXGUktRL/view?usp=sharing Po-hsuan Hsu: "Pass-down Errors: The Evidence from FDA's 510k Plan"
Yanzhi Wang : "Intellectual Property Litigation and Institutional Ownership"
21 July 5,2021 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-VZmpOi45Ak2Ym_xM7nm7g8i58KM-KBd?usp=sharing Nicholas Danks (Trinity College Dublin, a former ISS PhD graduate): "Assessing measure congruence in nomological networks"
20 May 12, 2021 https://reurl.cc/R6ALOg Galit Shmueli (ISS): "Improving" prediction of human behavior using behavior modification
19 Apr. 12, 2021 https://reurl.cc/Xeg06a Arturo Heyner Cano Bejar (ISS): A Blessing in Disguise: Secondary and Primary Privacy Control in Social Networking Services
Loitongbam Athouba Meetei (ISS): India's Super Power Dream or Reality of Middle Income Trap
18 Mar. 25, 2021 https://reurl.cc/E2Dr1k Tak Yuen Wong (QF): Debt Structure and Dealer-Intermediated Secondary Markets
Po-Hsuan Hsu (QF): Misreported Advertising
17 Jan. 14, 2021 https://reurl.cc/0D41qM Po-Hsuan Hsu (QF): Injunction Risk, Technology Commercialization, and Corporate Profitability
Soumya Ray( ISS): Predictive Deviants and Unstable Paths Affecting Out-of-sample Generalizability of Construct-based Models
16 Dec. 24, 2020 https://reurl.cc/Oqdnjg Loretta Fung (NTHU Econ): The United States-China Trade War and Reorganization of Global Supply Chains – Evidence from Taiwan
Shu-Shiuan Lu (NTHU Econ): The Role of Internet Usage in Explaining Cross-country Income Differences 
15 Nov. 26, 2020 https://reurl.cc/VXv9ER Jui-Chia Lin (NCTU Fin) : The Double-Edged Sword: An Analysis of Auditors' Social Ties with Investment Bankers and Insiders at IPO Firms
Wan-Chien Chiu (NTHU QF): The Impact of Bank Social Responsibility on the Lending Decisions
14 Oct. 29, 2020 https://reurl.cc/A8p2ej Jan Fell (ISS): Format Wars Hampering Crisis Response – The Case of Contact Tracing Apps during COVID-19
Po-Hsuan Hsu: Enhanced Information Disclosure and Drug Development: Evidence from Mandatory Reporting of Clinical Trials
13 Sep. 29, 2020 https://reurl.cc/q8vz4p Yanzhi Wang (NTU-FIN): Who cares about climate change? Evidence from Financial Times Top-50 journals
Anton Gao (NTHU Tech Law): 淺評防疫時期台灣口罩專賣
12 Sep. 10, 2020 https://reurl.cc/Kj4D8e Pohsuan Hsu: How to deal with journal rejections
11 July 17, 2020 https://reurl.cc/7XGMOD Yanzhi Wang (NTU-FIN): Trade Secrets Laws and Technology Spillovers
Ray Zhai (NCTU): Financial Statement Disaggregation and Bank Stability
10 June  17, 2020 https://reurl.cc/kdWx39 Po-hsuan Hsu: (Why) Are Men Better in Real Estate Investing? Evidence from Administrative Data of Land Transactions in Taiwan
Kevin Tseng (NTU): Do shortermist play the long game?
9 June  4, 2020 https://reurl.cc/g7Ezx4 Loretta Fung (ECON): Immigrant Business Ownership and International Trade
Chi-Yang Tsou (HKUST): Toward a Quantitative General Equilibrium Asset Pricing Model with Accrual and Profitability
8 Mar. 26, 2020 https://reurl.cc/b5nVEE Jui-Chia Lin 林瑞嘉 (NCTU-Finance): Signaling through Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from Mergers and Acquisitions
Tian-Shyr Dai
戴天時 (NCTU Finance): Analyzing Interactive Exercising Policies and Evaluations of Callable and (or) Convertible Bonds
7 Mar. 12, 2020 https://reurl.cc/QdvRAo Hoa Pham thi (ISS): Positive Empathy for Future Sustainable Consumption
Travis Greene (ISS): Who Are You, Really? Opposing Visions of Personhood in Machine Learning Personalization
6 Jan. 9, 2020 https://reurl.cc/ObdE1r Pei-Fang Hsieh (QF) : Market Manipulation across Spot and Derivative Markets
Tzu-Hao Tsai (QF) : Pricing Longevity Risk: A Cohort and Empirical Based Multivariate Mortality Model
5 Dec. 5, 2019 https://reurl.cc/vn4Zaj GuoXing Li (NCTU - Finance): Western Culture and Corporate Innovation
Thái Trương Quang (NCTU - Finance): CSR Activities and Old Directors
4 Nov. 21, 2019 https://reurl.cc/Ylmgpn Jui-Chung (Ray) Yang (Econ): The Effects of Climate Change on World Economy
Loretta Fung (Econ): Intermediation and Imports in Canada
3 Nov. 7, 2019 https://reurl.cc/qDn7v0 Chao-Jhih Liu (QF): Option Compensation Disclosure, Customer Trust, and Brand Performance
Thái Trương Quang (NCTU - Finance): Can’t old dogs play a new trick? Old Directors and Innovation
2 Oct. 31, 2019 https://reurl.cc/b6YA2d Anton Gao (Law for Science and Technology): The Failure of Taiwan's Energy Transition
Ching-Yi Lin (Econ): Trade and Firm Financing (https://www.nber.org/papers/w26266.pdf)
1 Oct. 17, 2019  https://reurl.cc/jdr13L Travis Greene (ISS): You Are Your Variance: A Philosophical Discussion of Personalized Recommendation Techniques in Machine Learning
Prof. Po-Hsuan Hsu: An overview of innovation-related research